Scott LoBaido – Creative Patriot – American Flag Artist

Portrait of A Scam Artist – Hunter Biden Portrait Unveiled in Front of George Berges Gallery In Soho NYC

NYC Artist Scott LoBaido to unveil “Portrait of the Scam Artist” (Portrait of Hunter Biden)next to the George Berges Gallery in NYC. This is the gallery that will soon be showing the work of this scandal ridden son of President Joe Biden. 

LoBaido, who has been an artist for 4 decades is not only disgusted by this money laundering art scam, but disgusted at the elitist, hypocritical art world. The art world is nothing but an elitist club that no longer respects and promotes the hard work and struggles of the thousands of worthy artists in this country. It is the most intolerant abusive club that only promotes those who follow the isms of their radical left America hating agenda. LoBaido left the art world 30 yrs ago to be what he feels is most important as an artist, and that is to be true and not succumb to RULES that this club demands. There are not supposed to be RULES  in ART!

WHERE: Next door to the George Berges Gallery- 460 West Broadway, New York, NY
WHO: Artist Scott LoBaido
WHEN: Wednesday October 13th, at 4:00 PM.


Artist Scott LoBaido