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Dedicated to Richard Petty

Scott Lobaido shares with us the piece of artwork he dedicated to Richard Petty.  Never a disappointment and always filling peoples heart with joy.  To view this photo please click here.

The Largest American Flag to be Painted

Scott Lobaido talks about his story on painting the largest American Flag Mural in the world. He uses 900 gallons of paint to complete 150,000 square feet space. Check out this video to get the full story.

After The Tragedy

After a tragic tornado occurs in Moore, Oklahoma, Lobaido shows up and dedicates another one of his giant flag murals to the people who live there. He paints this mural on a house that stood standing after the tornado hit.  To get the full story check out the full article here.

Honoring Blue Lives

Lobaido honors five Dallas police officers that have been kill in an ambush by painting a work of art that he calls “The Thin Blue Line”.  To honor the fallen officers, there are five empty blue chairs on top of his mural. Read more on this article by clicking here.

Honoring Those Who Fought For Our Country

Scott Lobaido talks about his 3-D “Mural of Honor” on the VFW Bingo on 12 News.  Listen to part of his story and watch his artwork come to life. Lobaido honors the Litynski family, and they couldn’t be more appreciative of what Lobaido has done.  Check out this video to catch the full story.

Work of Art

Another beautiful American Flag mural is painted on the 4th of July, by Scott Lobaido,  in front of many New Yorkers and is interviewed by Fox News. Check out the full video here.

Surprise Guest

Scott Lobaido appears as a special guest on the Steve Harvey show.  He explains how he came about painting his American Flag murals, and why he does so. Check out what he has to say by clicking here.

A Tribute to Remember

Scott Lobaido talks out at the Lt. Dan Band benefit concert, where he paints and dedicates his mural to Spc. Sterling William Wyatt, age 21, who had lost his life in Afghanistan just days before.  Check out this amazing video here, that will bring tears to your eyes.